As we are all facing the political & economic consequences of the worldwide emergency, we are experiencing our daily lives change dramatically day after day. Many countries are under lockdown and emotions like fear, despair and aggression may come up in this time of uncertainty as we worry about ourselves, our family’s & kid’s future, our friends, our work and our communities. It feels like we have lost control of what the future holds.

Fortunately, there are strategies to help us be better prepared physically and mentally to face the challenges that this global crisis brings.

In our Webinar ‘THE POWER OF EMBRACING UNCERTAINTY’ we have invited two very special guests for you: Louise Evans and Patrick De Sepibus to talk about the following topics:

  • You always have a choice
  • Strengthen your physical and mental health
  • Learn techniques to tackle the fear and panic, regain  serenity
  • Travel between physical and spiritual realms to transform energy
  • Improve your emotional intelligence: better manage emotions, actions and reactions
  • Communicate efficiently with your loved ones

Join us!

Speaker & Guests

Speaker: Katja Hansel, Rome, Italy

Business & Team Coach
NLP Master Practitioner

CEO of Europe4kidstours
& Rome Cooking Academy

Guest: Patrick de Sepibus, 

Senior Consultant and Healer
Speaker and Master Trainer

Guest: Louise Evans,
Florence, Italy

Bestselling Author
& Behavioral Coach

Ted Ex Speaker
Creator of the 5 Chairs Experience
Author of 5 Chairs, 5 Choices

Seeing the great need for these resources, Aura Coaching Academy has created a series of webinars to offer a live forum where we will talk together with professionals specialized in emotional intelligence, journalists, naturopaths, economists, and behavior scientists to build together a complete and constantly updated picture of the current situation.