The World of Difference
MapsTell Behavior Profiling for

Parents & Teens

Would you just simply love to be able to reconnect with your teenager?

Guess what, your teenager is probably asking the same questions: Why is mom so uncool? Why does she always get angry? Why does dad not get me at all? The price we pay for constant misunderstandings and miscommunications is high. Aggression, isolation or the wrong company may be the result. When all we really need is one thing: empathy.

Our children may just be different from us or maybe it is because they are too similar or maybe it is just a phase. Understanding is about being conscious of your own and your children’s personality and characteristics. Teenagers tend to try to fit in and may be looking to find him/herself to look for their place and their purpose? Find out where their anger comes from, what may block them from becoming young, responsible adults and where their talents lie. The more we learn about who we are, the easier it is to understand the people around us. The more you know yourself the easier it is to read the actions and reactions of other people.

But how do you get this insight?

Traditional personality assessments can be rather hard work and boring for both adults and our children alike. We believe they should be simple and intriguing, visually engaging, memorable and fun. That’s why we have taken a scientifically proven assessment system and instead of producing long-winded hard to remember report, we have created a map.

Welcome to the World of Difference!

Experience The Power of Family-friendly MapsTell

Living together is never easy and this unprecedented time has put everyone to a test: parents, the kids and even their teachers and professors. Families live in an environment where different personality styles come together and sometimes clash and no matter how united you may be at times it gets slightly complex and a challenging.

That is the reason why we have developed a training for parents & their teens to learn more about themselves and each other, how we would like our relationships to be and most importantly how we can all communicate more effectively taking out the drama and the misunderstandings.
Our children are unique and so are we! In order to communicate well it is important that everyone is open to learn and respect the other/s.

MapsTell will take you on a journey to deepen your family bond and to develop a mutual understanding as to why we act a certain way, why we fly off the handle and where certain reactions of ours come from. We can determine and see different styles, talents and areas we need to work on already in a child with MapsTell.

MapsTell is a window to the world of your behavior and your innate style and energy. It is really useful to get an overview of your own and children’s character and to see where they stand comparing to others on the surface to then dive deeper with your Bahavioral Profiler & MapsTell.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for every mom and/or dad who wishes to improve their communication with their teenagers and understand their children’s behaviors, actions and reactions, find out their talents & skills and give them advice & tools and based on their personality.

Objective of the course:

Take the MapsTell scan beforehand, which will then be discussed to:

  • Discover each family member’s behavioral style and uncover their strengths, hidden talents and areas to improve
  • Gain a comprehension and understand the 16 different regions on the World of Difference and how they relate to us as young people and adults
  • Advice on how to adjust your parenting style and generate new parenting strategies that work for each child’s individual needs
  • Discover your children’s blind spots, greatest fears, territories that may hold them back and communication pitfalls to avoid
  • Understand how a conflict can be an opportunity to grow, understand ones actions and reactions
  • Reveal what drives them and learn how to motivate them depending on their style 
  • Create action plans to encourage growth in weak relational areas

Altogether, MapsTell Guides have put over 100.000 people on the map. By doing so, they helped thousands of people to make full use of their talents, towards better cooperation, more effective communication and the realization of their objectives.

How Does The MapsTell Works?

  • You will receive an assessment/scan before the Training with 25 questions to answer swiftly
  • You will receive an online workbook you may print
  • Your behavior profiler will position every mom/dad and child on the map
  • You will learn about perception and ‘The World Of Difference’
  • We will do exercises & will share our experiences
  • Each parent works with their own child on a computer from home
  • We will be learning about-  your perception and empathy, your talents, fears and discover territories you may not be aware of.
    – finding your talents and overcoming your limitations
    – emotional intelligence – self-awareness, empathy
    – building self confidence
    – conflict resolution through effective communication
    – understanding and labeling your emotions

What Is Included In The Course?

  • 3 hours with your Certified Behavior Profiler
  • Workbook 
  • 1 MapsTell scan (personal map & report) per 1 adult (generally 80€)
  • 1 MapsTell scan per 1 child – 12-18 years (generally 40€)

When Does It Start & How Much Is It?

Saturday, February 13, 2021

3 pm (Central European Time)

3 hours

Fee: 189€+IVA (1 adult + 1 child)


Create a healthy relationship among family members, learn about perception, illustrate intensities of behaviors, opposite behaviors, and red flags in your family while avoiding hot button environments and ineffective communication tactics. Learn more about behavioral diversity and empathy, and let’s go on an adventure your family journey!
Experience it with your family in a fun way!