Whether you are a leader of a business, or a department or a team, it is fundamental to transmit your passion, create empathy & respect and most importantly to inspire and move people in the same direction. Awaken your skills to motivate your team to be the contemporary leader who slips into many roles with many responsibilities. Our Coaching team is ready to working side by side with you to guarantee a continuous improvement and to convey the best leadership strategies and styles for you to be a most effective leader in your company.

Aura Coaching Academy Core Skills for Leaders:

AwarenessCommunication Attitude Commitment

Awareness and Clarity of Purpose

  • Awareness & Clarity is Power  – Great leaders are aware of themselves, know their purpose clearly and use this knowledge to manage their teams effectively. Self-awareness is a key component of emotional intelligence which is paramount in being an successful leader.


Dynamic Communication

  • Communication & Delegation skills  – Effective communication is a core leadership function. Leaders must be effective and convincing communicators. It is important that managers learn the how to listen, talk and act effectively as this helps them to lead their teams in completing goals successfully.


Passion for Excellence

  • Positivity & Passion – Passion drives people. Passionate leaders are willing to take the biggest challenges and help make the biggest leaps forward, inspiring others to perform better as individuals and as a team.


Accountability Leadership

  • Commitment & Confidence – Leadership accountability is essential to build trust, which influences everything from clear communication to employee engagement. Leaders must learn to take full responsibility for the outcomes of their actions and decisions and successfully transforming effort into results.

Time frame: from 1-12 months

Rate: Depends on the number of people and length of the service