Team Coaching is a process to improve communication & understanding among the team leader and each team member individually and collectively.  Aura Coaching Academy uses an approach to assess individual strengths & skills and use these cohesively as a team. The goals are to work on a shared mission & vision; coordinate the team players so they collaborate more efficiently, build trust and learn about Emotional Intelligence to understand oneself and read others better. These tools help to guide each individual to stay focused and learn methods to maximize the collective strength of the team towards a common goal which then leads to team success with long term results. 

What’s in store for my team?


  •   Connect: Effective Communication and Building Rapport

It is all about the way your team members relate to each other. In order for a team to build rapport, everyone learns to communicate effectively, listen actively, give and receive constructive feedback. Flawless, positive communication leads to the development of a powerful sense of team spirit which enhances your team performance and productivity.


  •   Co-Create: Goal Setting, Planning and Time Management

Every member of your team must be clear on their roles, values, goals and their collective endeavor. Effective teams have clear protocols to guide them in planning, in conducting productive meetings, and respecting schedules and deadlines. There must be a perfect alignment between individual work strategy and team strategy.


  •  Commit: Optimize Performance

Your team will learn what high performance teams look like in order to know what the ultimate goal is. Your team will  be given the opportunity to determine how to work more effectively as a group. Each of your team members will  understands how to maximize his/her performance, then these collective skills of the team pave the way for optimum performance.


  • Cohesion: Problem Solving and Decision Making

Your team will learn how to best work together to fulfill the common mission, but most of all, your team will determine collective accountability when handling conflict and contention, develop constructive conflict management skills that lead to more rapid resolution and more productive outcomes.


  •  Consistency: Team Growth and Sustainability

Team improvement must be continuous and consistent. Therefore you will gain tools to maintain motivation and inspiration for sustained growth and long term success.

Time: from 1-12 months

Rate: Depends on the number of people and length of the service